What is Kids Bible Travels All About?

Kids Bible Travels is a new and fun approach to learning how to study the Bible! God's Word is the most important thing that you will ever read! So why not learn how to study it while you are still a kid? Kids Bible Travels will teach you three basic skills that are important to know when reading the Bible. Those skills that we will learn together are explore, see, and walk.

Caleb the Camel, along with some of his friends, will be our tour guides as we travel through the Bible together!



    The first skill that you need to learn is EXPLORE! This is where we read God's Word and ask some questions to help us better understand what we are reading!
  • SEE


    After we explore God's Word, the next skill we will learn is SEE! What do we see about God in the Scripture that we read? The entire Bible is about God! We can learn something about Him every time we read it!
  • WALK


    The third skill that the camel will teach us is to WALK! After we explore Scripture, and see God in it, then we must walk! We must DO what God tells us to do!