7 ways to use the Bible with your children

One of my greatest desires as a parent is for my girls to love the Bible. That is one of the main reasons for the creation of Kids Bible Travels. I want children to know and to discover the thrill of reading and studying the Bible.

Here are 7 ways that you can help your children get to know the Bible better.

Read Scripture daily. There is no substitute for this. I am surprised by how much my girls retain just by reading through Scripture.

Memorize Scripture. As children memorize Scriptures, they will sink down deep into their hearts and minds. Just the other day, I overheard Kyleigh (3) tell Natalie (6) that she was scared. Natalie promptly quoted to her Psalm 56:3 – β€œWhen time I am afraid, I will trust in thee.” I loved hearing this!

Recite Scripture often. Following up with memorizing Scripture, as I drive my girls to school, one of our daily activities is to recite the verses they are learning. It helps parents retain Scripture too πŸ™‚

Use flash cards. Kids Bible Travels is creating bookmarks to help you with this. You can access the page here.

Sing Scripture. One of the funnest and easiest ways to memorize Scripture is to sing it!

Make it applicable. As we recite and memorize together, I often ask my girls how they can make this verse part of their life. I am a firm believer in make Scripture applicable to our lives.

Encourage them. I was proud of Natalie when she quoted that verse to Kyleigh the other day. And I told her so. I think that as my girls know Scripture is important to us as parents, makes them more aware of why Scripture should be important to them.


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  1. Johnathan Arnold

    Great little article! We need more people who love the Bible! As Charles Spurgeon said, “BE BIBLE READERS!”


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