Foundations Matter

When I was a boy, I watched my grandfather build a house.  I watched him and his helpers construct this beautiful house near Clinton Pennsylvania from start to finish. I remember the first time I went over with my grandmother to see the progress and to take him his lunch. There to my surprise was a huge hole in the ground. As I ate lunch with Pop-pop that day,  I asked him the obvious question, “Pop-pop, why is there a big hole in the ground?” I will never forget his answer. He told me that was where the most important part of the house was going. It was called the foundation. And upon the foundation, the house would be built. In other words, foundations matter.

Foundations matter in our spiritual lives too. As dad of three girls, I see the ramifications of this even now. The foundations that they are building in their lives matter now. I want my girls to grow up and have a solid spiritual foundation that when the winds of the world come crashing in on them, they are able to weather the storm.

One of the reasons for the development of Kids Bible Travels is to partner with parents in building strong foundations in the lives of our children.

Foundations matter.


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