Kids Bible Travels is the fulfillment of a personal dream. For past several years, I have looked for quality materials that teach children some basic skills for studying the Bible. I found limited materials. Now, there are incredible storybooks out there! I think of Brent Vernon’s Audrey Amaka books and Joy Budensiek’s Books Along the Way series just to name two that my girls love. But I wanted some great material that I could use to teach my girls how to study the Bible. I found a few websites and even fewer books that tried to teach some basic concepts. And honestly? They bored me! I knew that my girls would not have the slightest interest in them. So for the past year, I have been putting a lot of thought into creating a Bible study method that children will (hopefully!) enjoy. I call it Kids Bible Travels.

Kids Bible Travels will feature a camel along with some of his traveling companions as learn three important components of Bible study.

1. Explore. The first skill that children need to learn in how to study the Bible is explore. This is where we read God’s Word and ask some questions to help us better understand what we are reading.

2. See. After we explore God’s Word, the next skill children will learn is see. What do we see about God in the Scripture that we read? The entire Bible is about God. We can learn something about Him in every passage that we read and study.

3. Walk. The third skill that the camel will teach children in studying the Bible is to walk. After we explore Scripture, and see God in it, then we must walk! We must DO what God tells us to do.

Along the way, the books will feature fun activities designed to help support principles that they learning. These books will be full color and interactive and will cover a section of Scripture. The first book will cover Genesis 1-11. It will deal with the Creation, the fall, and conclude with Noah and the Ark. This will not be  a storybook, but will teach basic, fun principles of Bible Study. I anticipate the first book being around 48 pages long. Small enough for children to carry around with them, full-color and designed for them to write and draw in it. The first book is planned for release in late 2017.