Daily Devos

Sometime ago, I was feeling a bit frustrated. I wanted to be intentional about having morning devotionals with my girls, but it seemed like mornings where when all of the craziness happened. Trying to get two little girls up and dressed and fed before school, with a toddler wanting to be held was challenging enough! Add to the chaos that I and my wife were trying to get around too!

Too many times morning devotions amounted to praying with my girls on the way to school.

But as my girls get older, I realized that my days with them were getting less and less. And I want my girls to engage daily with the Bible, even in the crazy mornings. So I came up with a plan.

Enter Daily Devos

I designed Daily Devos to have a Scripture verse, a “talk about it” point that helps parents talk about that Scripture verse, and an activity usually based on something about that verse. These devotionals can be finished in under 5 minutes. Here’s to being more intentional with your children in daily devotions!